Today, Dare to be you!

Timeless and contemporary designs inspired by our heritage

By blending nature's greatest gift, precious stones, with design and the spirit of the time, we make contemporary design jewelery that city people can easily use in the natural flow of life, help them express themselves, and integrate with them.

Add Elegance to Your Elegance

An asymmetric look at the monotonous flow of life.



Eye-catching, Vibrant, Different

They are right there in the busiest moments of life, the most exciting memories, our joy, our enthusiasm, when we get excited to share our feelings...

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Be more interesting with every step

Unique pieces that I can use comfortably at every moment of your life, where designs stand out as much as quality.


queen of merans


Thousands of years ago, there were snakes living in Tarsus, seven layers underground. These snakes, called Meran, were truly intelligent and compassionate. They lived in peace. The queen of the Merans was called Shahmeran. She was a young and beautiful woman.

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Lover Series

You can easily use it at any time of the day. Comfortable, colorful and lively designs that you can create combinations according to your own life flow.

Meri krutzo


Add Value to Your Shining: Meri Krutzo

Meri Krutzo's jewelry is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a part of your story. In moments where time stands still, each piece fascinates you with its unique design and finely crafted details. We offer not just jewelry, but also works of art that shape memories.

Find the jewel of your dreams with "Add Value to Your Sparkle: Meri Krutzo" and add a special sparkle to every moment. Experience the privilege of expressing yourself and enjoying an aesthetic experience in the world of Meri Krutzo, where elegance, quality and originality come together.

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