Privacy Policy and Data Security

Privacy Policy

You can visit the Meri Krutzo Jewelry Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as "Company") Company website and benefit from the content and information on the website without sharing any of your personal information and data. All content (information, designs, images, visuals, titles, etc.) on our website belongs to the Company and cannot be used, copied, or transferred to other media in any way and in any medium without written permission.

When you share your personal information through the website, the Company accepts that it is confidential and will protect your personal data within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, relevant legislation and the Personal Data Protection Policy on our website.

If you share your Personal Information, this information will not be shared with any third party without your consent or unless there is a legal obligation.

Our website may contain links to websites of third parties. The Company does not control the content and reliability of these sites, and the Company makes no guarantee against any damages that may arise from the use of these sites.

The Company evaluates confidential information within the framework of its obligation to keep confidentiality and has taken the necessary measures to ensure and maintain confidentiality and to prevent the disclosure of all or any part of the confidential information.

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may be changed and updated by the Company. Accordingly, we recommend that you review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy periodically.

Data security

Credit Card Security

The security of your credit card is ensured by SSL encryption technology. You will see a lock icon in your browser on every page where you enter your credit card information. This icon represents the 128 Bit SSL Certificate provided by GlobalSign. Additionally, the internet address section on the pages where you enter your credit card information while making payment will change from http to https. With SSL technology, when the payment process begins, a direct encrypted communication is established between the user computer and the bank, regardless of the site, and any information you send through your browser is not seen by COMPANY employees or third parties .

Data security

All information you enter when making a transaction with your credit card is protected by the system where the database is protected. The COMPANY undertakes not to disclose personal and sensitive information collected from users for any reason, except for legal requirements, without user consent, and not to share or misuse such information with third parties or institutions.

Data Usage

It uses the general user information (such as name-surname, e-mail, address, telephone) you enter during your transactions with your credit card, debit card or virtual card on only to make the services provided by the site more effective. These services; Such as informing us about our activities, sending your receipts regarding your donation.

Matters That the User Should Pay Attention to

In addition to all the security measures taken by the site, it is important that the user also takes some security measures. Your browser's security settings must be at the highest level and up to date, necessary antivirus, etc. such as installing software, not keeping your passwords or important personal information written down on your computer.